Well, to be honest I’ve been dicking about with the prospect of blogging for a few years now. I think I’ve finally become passionate about something enough to write it down (other than those cringey, teen years about my two-to-tango sessions with bulimia).

PUNK: The word has enough grit in it to take the paint off the wall. I became obsessed with the idea of punk at the tender age of 13, after my father had handed me his bottom of the pile, almost garage sale CD: Teenage Kicks PUNK! 2.
BLOODY FUCKING EUREKA: I let the voices of Jello Biafra [Dead Kennedys], Paul Weller [The Jam] and Poly Styrene [X-Ray Spex] piss all over my brain (along with many,many others with much more COLOURFUL ways to express disdain towards the media and government at the time), making me the foul-mouthed, dreadhawked 26 year old female I am today.

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